Giulio Cesare

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Woe to the helpless! This is the warning engraved on the policeman's hat (the direction of the main shoot) the battleship Giulio Cesare. Rebuilt by the Italian Navy in 1933 at Cantieri del Tirreno Genoa, with 60% compared to the original construction of 1920, with a new bow that incappucciava the old, is the ship that has indissolubly linked his name to the naval battle of Punta Stilo in World War II, during which it was hit (albeit not serious) from a 381 mm projectile fired by the British battleship Warspite. The kit of Julius Caesar Here at last the box mounting scale of 1: 160 of Julius Caesar in the series "Ships Battle of World War II" with about 350 members. The hull of Julius Caesar is made of fiberglass canvas four layers with the primer already given and includes rudders, shafts, propellers and engines with support. The upper decks of the model, the guns and all the details are easily processable resin to make every detail and improve accuracy of reproduction. The assembly manual will be provided only with the hull kit. The price of the complete kit to the public € 730.00 Price of only the hull kit € 514.00 Price of only superstructure kit € 325.00 The bridge deck and the forecastle deck of the model are made of plywood pre-cut (only to be finished) and the covering of the bridge deck is made with lime strips 0.5 × 3 mm included in the kit. The upper and some special trees are made of brass and copper (some to be built according to the instructions inside). The manual of the Giulio Cesare kit contains about 350 photographs and step by step guide to build the model. Each part description refers to photos in order to merge the explanation to an easy visual guide. The scale 1: 160 (used for all of the series) kit was chosen because it is great for portability even in small vehicles still providing a pattern with a good reproduction of the details (the result is a quality finished vessel) . The kit does not include batteries (1 6V-8A), the internal electronics (speed controller, receiver, electrical wires and door remote control batteries) and radio control (possibly to be requested separately). The kit we produce is put on the market at the price of € 710.70 The finished model The finished model is a magnificent reproduction of the original. It has excellent quality and offers a great emotion to one vision of this ship, which many memories awakens in us Italians. The total weight is 5.5 kg, while the length is about 1,170 mm. The finished model is built only on order at a cost of € 5,800.00 + VAT.