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The "Courage" is a model of ferryboat, built for vehicle transportation and commissioned by the "Nuovi Cantieri Apuania" yard of Marina di Carrara in Scale 1:150.

The model was realized entirely by hand with hull in wood covered with fiberglass and top desks in wood.

The hull was made entirely of wooden strips, put in order and covered with a very fine layer of linen fiberglass to make the model unalterable over time. All the handrails are photoetched  while the top desks are build with a milling machine. Minor details were, however, created one by one with meticulous expertise, making each single component by hand.

The shipyard has provided the color code, and all the details have been colored by airbrush, so that final model is identical to the original ship.

 You can admire the model realized at the entrance of the Great Genoa Fast Ferries (Grandi Navi Veloci). Courage, the first unit of the class, was launched at the New Apuania Shipyard in Marina di Carrara on November 24, 2006, being delivered to Grimaldi Holding by Aldo Grimaldi on March 29 of the following year.

 It was immediately hired by Grandi Navi Veloci, who used it in the connections between Genoa, La Valletta and Tunis, and later between Palermo and Livorno. The ship, currently in service, now flies the Lithuanian flag since it was hired and then bought by DFDS.

The model was made in 4 months.