S.L.C. Slow Run Torpedo serie 200 (Pig)

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The Slow Run Torpedo (Pig) is the best known in the world among the means used during the Second World War. It was built in about 50 specimens including about 30 in the series 200. The pig was used for putting out of action for several months of the British battleships HMS Valiant and Queen Elisabeth in the port of Alexandria. The kit of Slow Run Torpedo Here the mounting box of the Pig of the Italian Navy. The kit includes all components for the realization of the model with an excellent reproduction of details. The scale is 1:35 and is composed of the main components of the resin and the brass and copper components. It 'also already included in the kit, the base wood. Retail price of Euro 51.00 Kit (including courier transport). The finished model of Slow Run Torpedo 200 Series The finished model is a magnificent reproduction of the torpedo to run slow. It has a museum quality and gives a great feeling to single vision of this means that so caught the imagination in the collective imagination. The finished model can be supplied already complete with case. The finished model is made to order only at the cost of Euro 190.00 + VAT.