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This is a four model series of the italian "Messina" ferryboats, built for the transportation of trains to Sicily island, in scale 1:160. Every model was realized interely by hand, with skull in fiberglass and upper decks in wood and rosin. To make every skull of the same dimensions, I realized the master skull with wood, then I created a bivalve mold and molded the fiberglass skulls. Every handrail are photoetched and the wagons are SRCM (Roman Society of Mechanic Construction) in active service. I realized every mold for the upper decks sides, while every master was built with a milling machine. Details were created one by one with meticulous expertise. The shipyard has given to me the color code, and all the details have been colored by airbrush, so that final models are identical to the original ships. You can find the models one on the original ship, another one on the construction site "Nuovi Cantieri Apuania", another one on the Railroad site of the State in Rome, the last one on the construction site of Messina. The construction of the ships begun on 9th November 2011, while the inauguration ceremony were on 23th July 2013. The ship can transport 138 cars, 24 trailers, 27 railway wagons or 15 coaches, it has two Azimuthal thrusters, a rudder at the bow to enhance the manoeuvrability, a foldable back deck and a liftable bow to let the wagon in. The four model series have been realized in 7 months.