My passion at your service



I can set up unique models and also small series for shipyards. The work is performed entirely by hand in order to ensure maximum detail on each model.

Prices are very low compared to the type of handwork, the value of the resulting model and the meticulous reproduction of every detail that make our point of strength in this area. Some of our customers confirmed a sales increase up to 30% thanks to our models.


Project-based models

The models made on project, normally are unique pieces, made almost entirely of wood with details in copper, brass and resin.

The work is performed on the basis of plans and photos of the models to be implemented and the delivery is about 90 days from the order. They are normally static models and both the scale and the precision of the parts are discussed with the customer, as well as the type of covering (this is always calculated separately).

We also make hull means, but only on small series fixed on wood. We also build both models of ancient ships (galleons) and more recent models



Lassen 4


If patience (and satisfaction) for building a new model is 100, the restoration is 1000. To begin well I need to save what remains of the model and the exact placement of any single particular (which is not always easy to do) and I have never seen that someone given us the original documentation, so I need to start searching for the missing one and details reproduction.

Imagine the difficulties to redo a cannon of a galleon with all its components, perfectly identical in every detail to those still exist! Or totally redo the sails without having the sail plan. Without considering the wise use of all the products needed to feed a wood, when maybe twenty years that it has not seen a little wax!