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Given the Scharnhorst the German Navy, the ship Fortunata is the ship that sank while being December 26, 1944, gave rise to the largest naval engagement Bear Island during World War II after countless missions brought against Allied convoys in 'Atlantic Ocean in the early years of the war. The kit of Scharnhorst After many requests, here is the mounting box of the Scharnhorst the series "Ships Battle of World War II" with about 450 members. The scale 1: 160 (used for all of the series) kit was chosen because it is great for portability also in vehicles of small size however, giving a model with an excellent reproduction of details, with the result of obtaining a finished vessel quality. The assembly manual will be provided only with the hull kit. Retail price of the complete kit € 1076.00 Price of only the hull kit € 700.00 Price of only superstructure kit € 483.00 The hull of the Scharnhorst model is made of fiberglass and includes rudders, shafts, propellers and engines with support. All add-ons have been obtained from the archive photo and then drawn to scale to the size of the model to get the right scale ratio and the precision of the details. The upper decks are loaded into glass blue resin to make easily processable each particular while the smallest details are printed in white resin, which increases the accuracy of reproduction. The upper deck of the model is compensated already cut (only to be finished) and the coating of the bridges are performed with lime strips 0.5 × 3 mm. The higher trees, some machine guns and many details are made of brass and copper (some to be built according to the instructions inside). The manual of the Scharnhorst kit contains about 300 photographs and step by step guide to build the model. Each part description refers to photos in order to merge the explanation to an easy visual guide. The kit we produce is put on the market at the price of € 1,046.07. The model finished the Scharnhorst The finished model is a magnificent reproduction also to keep at home. Has a high quality and has a great feeling to single vision of this beautiful ship that did so much to dream in the collective Its weight is 7.5 kg while the length is about 1,465 mm. In the model does not include batteries (1 8A), the internal electronics (speed controller, receiver, electrical wires and door remote control batteries) and radio control (may be mounted separately). The finished model is built only on order at a cost of € 6,700.00 + VAT.